From on May 4, 2008

Dozens of homeless people camped outside Portland City Hall say they have no plans to go anywhere any time soon.

The group is urging the city to provide more low-income housing, and to create better plans to get homeless people off the streets.

Some of the City Hall street campers told KOIN News 6 that, although the weather gets better during the spring and summer months, there’s more competition for less available shelter.

“They’ve been kicking everyone out from under the bridges for Cinco de Mayo and the Rose Festival”, complained city hall camper Arthur Rios. “They do it every year, and right now this is the safest place for us to come and sleep.”

The homeless protesters added that, while city officials tell them shelters are open through May and June, there isn’t enough space, and the is no shelter that accomodates couples. Several also expressed frustration that the mayor has not come out of city hall to speak with them directly.