From Anna Griffin of the Oregonian, May 5, 2008

Portland Mayor Tom Potter spent 45 minutes with leaders of a group of homeless men and women protesting outside City Hall, but they left without the biggest issue on their want list: An end to the city’s anti-camping ordinance.

Potter told four leaders of the protest that he would work with nonprofit shelter operators to see if there’s a way to provide more short-term shelter for the growing group of people camped out by City Hall’s Southwest Fourth Avenue entrance. But the protesters left Potter’s office angry that the mayor refused to waive the camping ban or reconsider Portland’s anti-loitering law, known as the sit-lie ordinance.

Many of the people who’ve been outside City Hall for more than a week now are traveling with dogs or with their spouse or partner. Shelters generally do not allow animals, and men and women are usually separated. Potter promised to work with shelter providers and local kennels to see about finding more flexible accommodations.

Over the weekend, Portland police asked protesters to remove several tents and other temporary shelters.