From KATU, May 13, 2008
Protesters who have been lining the streets outside of City Hall say they are not leaving until the city meets their demands.

A closed-door meeting on Tuesday between Mayor Tom Potter and some of the homeless protesters who have gathered outside over the past few weeks seemed only to inflame emotions.

The protesters say they want the right to camp on public property. Other issues include changing the rules so that when a homeless person goes to a local shelter they can be with their spouse or even their pet, like a dog, rather than being separated.

Potter says changing those rules is a priority but that the camping out needs to end because it is a sanitation and safety issue. He says the protesters need to get a permit and that the city has the right to regulate the time, manner and place of their protest.

The protesters, who do not appear to be backing down, say they have a couple of plans, one of which is a secret. The other one involves moving their gear to another location and coming back with signs.