The Homeless Liberation Front was a community of homeless advocates involved in a political action at City Hall in Portland, Oregon.

The action began on April 25, 2008 as a response to Portland’s sit / lie law and Portland’s camping ordinance and ended roughly May 20.

The action was peaceful, non-violent, political, and supported by several independent organizations and watched by independent media. Decisions seem to be made by consensus after discussion. Members of the action maintained an ongoing and civil conversation with the Mayor’s office and with the police bureau.

The purpose of this site is to collect in one place all the information generated about this political action. This includes newspaper articles, photographs from news, open forum and aggregator sites, documents from the action members, from the city, or from other organizations, personal stories, poems and comments.

You can help too – in three specific ways.

    1. Comment on posts to build accuracy and make connections to other events. Use links to make these connections.
    2. Distribute this URL far and wide to increase the number of people who know about it and can access it.
    3. Help maintain the site. It’s fairly easy to do. You’ll need access to post items yourself, or you can send items you think are worthy and we’ll post them.

For access to the site or to post an item, email to

6 Responses to “About the Homeless Liberation Front”

  1. Arthur Rios Sr. Says:

    Thank you all for the support and the beginning of a wonderful friendship.

  2. eduardo delanderos-tierre Says:

    I hope this “seige” continues. The the fortunate who have a good job and a nice place to sleep, should have their niceness bothered.

    This is good for us. Maybe, too, we should lay a seige on those that make their jobs off the poor? Some of the NGO’s here in town? A seige on some of those “progressives” who do have a nice job and place to live, but, really don’t want to lose their own power in this whole ugly system?

    Paz, though, paz….so very hard, so very hard, to keep going…..

  3. pdx97217 Says:


    You can pick your battles, you know.

  4. The Red Son Says:

    Solidarity comrades! I posted a call to action in support of your struggle on my blog, The Revolution Script. I wish you the best of luck.

  5. Liuba Jáuregui Medina Says:

    Pertenesco a una generación que viene luchando por muchos derechos sociales, desde bien al sur del mundo y me conforta saber que habemos más participando por la lucha social desde cualquiera de sus aristas…bien les apoyo en su gestión,ojalá llegue un día(y que no siga siendo una utopía) que luchemos por los derechos dentro de los mismos derechos para hacer una sociedad concreta y natural.
    Liuba Jáuregui Medina.Chile.

  6. […] the primary organizers of the 2008 protests were Art Rios and Patrick Nolan, who were advocating not just for camping rights, but also for increased rent […]

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