From KBOO radio, on May 8, 2008


The homeless protest in front of city hall entered its thirteenth day today.

Over 70 homeless people have taken up positions around the building, and they say they aren’t going to move until the city either repeals the sit/lie and anti-camping laws, or find them a permanent place to live.

The Street-Access-For-Everyone, or SAFE committee, which is responsible for the sit/lie law, also held a meeting this morning—and while the protest was not discussed directly, the sit/lie law did become a matter of contention.

Patrick Nolen and Michael Buonocore of Sisters-Of-The-Road hosted a press conference after the meeting, to discuss the situation.

The SAFE committee has never had a member who is homeless–and now, without Sisters, it has no representatives from the homeless community at all.

From, May 5, 2008


A group of homeless protestors have been camped out in front of city hall for the last ten days. The protestors are meeting with the mayor this afternoon and will be speaking before City Council on Wednesday.

KBOO’s Kyle Burris interviewed one of the protestors, Joseph Vanderheiden, about what they want to see changed and about being harassed by the police.