From, May 15, 2008

Homeless people who were camped outside Portland’s City Hall since late April were swept away by police Thursday morning.

Officers at the scene said protesters were forced to move so cleaning crews could clean the sidewalk.The protesters want the city to suspend its anti-camping and anti-loitering laws. While protesting is legal, camping in front of City Hall is not.After the sidewalk is cleaned, police said they will allow people to walk or protest in front of City Hall again. However, they said officers will enforce applicable laws related to camping and sleeping.

From May 13, 2008

A group of homeless people who are protesting at Portland’s city hall have until Tuesday to leave the area.

Monday night the group is expected to grow as the deadline for the end approaches.Supporters are expected to show up and get behind the protest.The protesters are demanding affordable housing and designated areas where the homeless can camp.

They also say they want the city to suspend a law that bans people from blocking sidewalks.

Since the protests started, city leaders said more beds have opened at shelters.They also said they are continuing to work to improve conditions for the homeless.